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If you want to join our Sunday Service  today call Desiree 604-613-3420 or text your e-mail and you will be forwarded the e-mail with the link to Zoom!!!

 You do not need to have Zoom installed on your computer/tablet/cellphone to participate. Just click the link and follow the instructions. It will sound better if you use headphones to listen. 

If you only have a phone connection you can phone: 778-907-2071 (audio only)

We look forward to connecting with you! The Sunday service will be followed by a fellowship hour.


First of Advent

Sunday, November 29th 2020


at 11 am  Virtual Sunday Service

                                                   with Martha Creek


                                        Thanks Living"

Expressing gratitude in a new sense, calls us to give some creative thought, meditation and perhaps prayer to this practice. Maybe gratitude and thanksgiving will take on an entirely different meaning when practiced as  “Thanks Living”.  You will have a much broader perception of the inherent good that is within all things and to find that it is much easier and far more fulfilling to give thanks for the many blessings in your life.  Interconnected to source, we live in thanks, giving thanks as spiritual practise.



A master of the art of right questioning, Martha Creek calls forth the most stubborn and self-defeating patterns to create a new way of being, literally. Ordained in Religious Science and Divine Science, Martha has served as Great Lakes Unity Consultant, and is a member of Unity Institute faculty. She has attended Emerson Theological Seminary (Masters and Doctorate), Byron Katie School for The Work, and Hoffman Institute. She is a Healthy Congregations Facilitator and Trainer. See more at






Desire Stevens


Désirée was born and raised in Unity and has been a member of Unity of White Rock since 2002. Formerly a Regional officer with the “Northwest Youth of Unity” and later served in the Youth and Family Ministry at this church for 9 years.

 She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, her love and enthusiasm for singing and dancing is both inspiring and playful!

“I grew up in Unity and have very much enjoyed being a part of this beautiful spiritual community. Unity has taught me to look within for answers to life’s challenges. 




Be inspired with Music, Meditation and inspirational Sharing.



 The Sunday service will be followed by

a virtual fellowship!