Sunday Service is online!!!


In recognition of the growing number of coronavirus cases in BC and out of an abundance of caution, we are 


until further notice.



The Sunday celebration will be livestreamed on Facebook and shared on Zoom and our website.   

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If you want to join our Sunday Service  today call Rosi 604-720-9773 or text your e-mail and you will be forwarded the e-mail with the link to Zoom!!!

 You do not need to have Zoom installed on your computer/tablet/cellphone to participate. Just click the link and follow the instructions. It will sound better if you use headphones to listen. 

If you only have a phone connection you can phone: 778-907-2071 (audio only)

We look forward to connecting with you! The Sunday service will be followed by a fellowship hour.



Unity Theme for 

April is 





October 2021


October 17th 2021


Rev. Rhona Segarra


 "What if you didn’t mind?"

This 5 word question has the power to adjust perspective on anything which is upsetting, frustrating or irritating for us. With these 5 words, we can remind ourselves that we have the power to change our minds and when we change our minds we release ourselves from the prison of our patterns. We free ourselves to respond to life’s ups and downs with more poise, more power and more integrity.  Rev. Rhona Segarra shares the promise of peace that comes when we ask ourselves this question: “What if you didn’t mind?”  





Lawrence Kirby