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We look forward to connecting with you! The Sunday service will be followed by a fellowship hour.


Sunday, April 12th  2020

at 11 am  Virtual Sunday Service


Easter Sunday


                                           Guest speaker  Janet Law


The Easter Story is about your DIVINE AWAKENING ….your awareness of this wholeness allows this personal awakening to expand …..The metaphysical message of resurrection & the inner meaning is about raising your spiritual consciousness and that of the global family. No matter how dark the night has been the dawn is coming ….RISE UP to your wholeness this  Easter Sunday


Celebrate with your Unity of White Rock friends. We are a community of joyful like minded individuals."




Janet lives life fully and feels the deep connection between all people. She has a background in transformational education and the creative arts. She is a graduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University As a communicator & conduit in body /mind /spirit connection & techniques & is passionate about the transformative potential that dwells in each person.


A lifelong Unity Student & Teacher she has attended numerous SEE classes at Unity Headquarters .Currently she works as a prenatal & postnatal health care practitioner& Manager for Mothers Choice Products .

As a seminar leader & change agent she empowers with enthusiasm & service .Janet continues to speak, educate, inspire and motivate from the HEART



Guest Musician: Desiree Law 

 Get inspired with music, meditation and inspirational sharing.