Sunday Services No Longer Available

We are no longer offering meetings in White Rock 

Please connect with Unity Vancouver 840 Oak St · (604) 266-6281

 or Unity of New Westminster 1630 Edinburgh St,  (604) 526-1421


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2022 Theme:

Sunday July 3rd 2022

Join us at 11 am 



 “What is in a Name?"


with Peter Walton


 Have you ever noticed how names can have an impact on our memories like nothing  else.

Some people leave everlasting legacies like Adam And Eve without whom nothing else much matters.


This Sunday we will explore the power and meaning of what is in a name.



Peter Walton is our current president of the board of directors.  He has been  attending Unity of White Rock since 2019.  Amongst his spiritual practices he studied Buddhism including special  meditative chanting practise. 

He lives in Vancouver and runs a successful recycling business. 


Sunday July  10th 2022

Join us at 11 am 




Janet Law



We are stepping into spirit this week. We will explore your personal self-realization about this tangible, presence that lies within…… This is a FOR GIVING force of good in our lives. As Bringers of the Light, we are called to bring this light into full SOUL POWER. With our eyes & hearts wide open our lives are happier, healthier & more joyous.


This Universal calling has existed since the beginning of time and is revered in every wisdom tradition. This vibrating, pulsating energy is designed to BE EXPRESSED now. Individually and together, we will explore techniques of tapping into universal SOUL POWER.


In UNITY we affirm that we have found this indwelling light in every thought we think, every word we speak & every action we take. This substance is the expression of God in us.


Join us this Sunday to take a deep dive that will energize & nourish your personal soul work.

Sunday July  17th 2022

Join us at 11 am 




“Small Steps Big Life: Opening To The Divine”


In September and October of 2019, Nathen walked the Camino de Santiago - over 800 km across Spain - in 40 days. Through songs, stories, questions and answers, Nathen will share some of his encounters with The Divine during that experience - and how we DON’T have to walk across Spain to have Divine encounters of our own!



Nathen Aswell  is a recording artist and speaker based in Vancouver, Canada, and he believes that his calling in this life is to encourage people to live Big Lives one Small Step at a time through his heart-centered music-making, his engaging talks and his warm listening. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles. 

Nathen honours his calling by performing and speaking internationally at Conferences, Concerts, Retreats and Churches, presenting his music, stories and humour with his voice and the Chapman Stick ( Since August of 2020, he’s also been offering “Morning Musings”, a weekly broadcast (featuring an Insight, a New Chant and Contemplative Silence) every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM Pacific (

Nathen is currently writing a book about his Camino experience.



Membership has it's benefits

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Please join us for our

AGM/  Annual General Meeting 

following our regular service



 If you can't attend in person but would like to place your vote

text us at 778-772-5772

and we will call you for your vote when the time comes between 1 and 2pm 

Sunday July  24th 2022

Join us at 11 am 


In place of a regular service we will be celebrating our 29th Anniversary of Unity of White Rock


with sharing, music and more


Details to follow