Unity of White Rock offers adult church and children's church programs on Sundays at 11:00  at the Elks Hall upstairs lounge, 1469 George St, White Rock.  Please join us for services that are inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking and light-hearted.

Service at Elks Hall September 18 2016; Pixie Hobby guest speaker
Service at Elks Hall September 18 2016; Pixie Hobby guest speaker

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Photo of Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Sunday May 21, 2017 11 am:  
Nathen Aswell


"Upping the Ante with the Gentle Art of Blessing"

We all know that Love is ALL there truly is - 
AND, being human, we forget!

Please join us on Sunday as Nathen leads us in a conversation about the power and practice of Blessing in helping us to remember. 


Nathen Aswell (NathenAswell.com) is a gifted speaker, recording artist, coach and podcaster based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and he believes that his calling in this life is to encourage through his engaging talks, his heart-centered music-making and his warm listening. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles.

Nathen honours his calling by speaking and performing internationally at Conferences, Concerts, Retreats and Churches, presenting his music, stories and humour with his voice and the NS Stick (an 8-stringed electronic instrument that can be plucked like a bass, strummed like a guitar, or tapped with both hands like a piano). 

He also honours his calling by coaching (with EFT/tapping) and by hosting his own internet radio show (https://selfdiscoveryradio.com/about-us/nathen-aswell/).

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Janet Law
Janet Law

Sunday May 14, 2017

Janet Law:  "The Family Forest"


We are all here to be spiritual beings living with the human condition.

Join us this Sunday to celebrate each other and MOTHER’S DAY.
Our Family Tree represents our family relationships and our deep soul connections. The Universe has a higher calling and that is the co-creative communication within our Spiritual Family.  

We will explore the concept of “The Family Forest”. The support and love of our extended spiritual family allows us to live in “The House of Belonging”, a place where we build a strong lifeline that nourishes and sustains deep roots and healthy branches.

Come join a community of like minded individuals who see the highest potential in you.
Affirm UNITY for all, as you find divine love which is your divine nature.
All Are Welcome.
Musical guest:  Medderick.

Ken Wood
Ken Wood

Sunday May 7, 2017, 11 am:

Ken Wood


"The Journey of the Spirit"   


The body heals with play, the mind with laughter, and the Spirit with Joy" 


Guest musician: Rick Delgarno


All are welcome. Please join us!


Denise Cunningham
Denise Cunningham

Sunday April 30 2017: 11 am 

Denise Cunningham


"Coming Back to Life"

What would it be like to fully step into life? To embrace it all; to journey home to the part of ourselves that has been with us always; to move beyond living life as a dress rehearsal while we wait for something better; to fully embody this moment and savour it as if it were our last. Join Denise as she invites you into an experience of the Truth of who you are, right here, right now.


 Guest Musician: Suzanne Tryphena Whiten 

Desiree Stewart
Desiree Stewart

Sunday April 16 2017, 11 am: EASTER SUNDAY

Desiree Stewart


Spiritual Renewal


In Unity,  Easter is seen as a time for celebrating our “Newness in Life”, a lifting up into our higher state of consciousness. 

It is a “Time of Awakening”— understanding that the Resurrection represents a “Resurrection of the Mind” from the darkness of its false beliefs into the light of understanding,  as we look within, we reawaken to who we truly are--mind, body and soul.


“When we give attention, interest and support to the enduring good, we are feasting upon the things of Spirit….. this is true prayer.”

 Georgina Tree West from the Unity book  “Keeping a True Lent”

We invite you to join our Spiritual Community in Celebrating this wonderful Easter time as we

 “Spring Forthwith great JOY, ALIVENESS  and LOVE together!!!

Ken Wood
Ken Wood

Sunday April 9 2017: 11 am PALM SUNDAY

Ken Wood



Come and hear how WE THINK we need to cloak ourselves to survive and thrive.



Guest musician: Michael Vincent



Rhona Segarra
Rhona Segarra

Sunday April 2, 2017: 11 am

Rhona Segarra 


"Labels and Sticky Notes".   

A look at how we are both similar to one another and uniquely different from one another.

Are we willing to remember that we are all part of one human family, despite the differences that tend to separate us?  


Musical guest: Caryn 

Photo of Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Sunday March 26 2017, 11 am:


Nathen Aswell


“Small Steps Big Life: Spring Cleaning”


We all know that Love is ALL there truly is - 

AND, being human, we forget!

Let’s talk about some tools we can use to help us “spring clean” our thinking and remember. 


Desiree Stewart
Desiree Stewart

Sunday March 19, 2017, 11 am:

Desiree Stewart


Spring Cleaning your Emotional Field!


In Unity, the Lenten Season is viewed as a time for letting go of old ways that no longer serve you and to make room for renewed life energy or spiritual “rebirth” as Easter approaches.

Spring cleaning your emotional baggage is freeing…..come lighten your load and learn ways to tap into your amazing field of healing possibilities and begin anew!!


Special musical guest Ron Irving!!


Janet Law
Janet Law

Sunday March 12, 2017, 11 am:

Janet Law 




Are you aware  that ONENESS is your natural state of being? You are whole, complete and perfect, and destined for greatness. We will explore the empowerment that lies deep within the principle of ONENESS.

When you integrate Spirituality with Science you understand a level of joy, happiness and love that goes beyond the world as you know it NOW.  Come join us and expand fully YOUR ONENESS CODE so the living, breathing, authentic force of the Divine can shine in your LIFE .

Your Quality of Being is related to the Divine Oneness. You are a co-creator and artist that is creating the masterpiece called YOUR LIFE.


Guest Musician: Suzanne Tryphena-Whiten

Lawrence Kirby
Lawrence Kirby

Sunday March 5, 2017, 11 am:

Lawrence Kirby  


“Peace on Earth”

The Kingdom is within, that too is where Peace is found.
Is Peace on Earth possible then?
You are the answer.
Find out what is required for the best results of knowing, with full remembrance, the
Peace of God.

Guest Musician: Desiree Stewart

Ken Wood
Ken Wood

Sunday February 26, 2017: 11 am

Ken Wood


"Self love: the bridge between you and everything".   
Love seems like a final goal, but it is a mountain which cannot be climbed without self-love. 


Guest musician: Carl Katz


Rhona Segarra
Rhona Segarra

Sunday February 19, 2017: 11 am

Rhona Segarra 


"Gimme 5: The Five Spiritual Principles of Unity".   

Unity offers 5 Foundational Principles which can lead us to lives which are joyful, loveful and powerful. Please join us on Sunday as we explore these transforming principles and how we can apply them in our lives. 


Pixie Hobby
Pixie Hobby

Sunday February 12, 2017, 11 am: 

Valentine's Celebration


Pixie Hobby "Love"



Please join us on Sunday February 12 as Pixie shares thoughts and insights on the power of Love.  All are welcome! 




If you are interested in audio copies of previous services, please email or speak to Will Firstbrook. Videos of past services may be viewed here.  We are interested in adding videos of all our services: we are looking for volunteers to record some services. Please email or see Rhona Segarra if you are interested. Thanks!





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