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We look forward to connecting with you! The Sunday service will be followed by a fellowship hour.


Sunday, September 13th 2020


at 11 am  Virtual Sunday Service

with Rev. Rhona Segarra


                                      “Review, Rest, Renew”


We often spend our time focused on completing a task, a to-do list or a goal.  When the goal is completed, our tendency is to immediately tackle the next item on our list.

The constant focus on productivity can lead to a sense of overwhelm. It can also lead to a sense of discomfort when we find that we aren't busy.  
Please join us on Sunday as Rhona shares thoughts about the wisdom of taking time to reflect, celebrate and renew before we resume and move forward to our next action.
Bio: Rhona Segarra

 I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and my family moved to Canada in 1977. I am blessed with an amazing son David, and I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Walt since 2009. It is a privilege for me to speak at Unity.  I enjoy interpreting the Bible metaphorically and metaphysically. I believe that our life’s work is to connect with the energy we call God and live as expressions of God. As we manage our personal power, we create our life experiences. Let us choose, then, to love ourselves despite our “flaws” and love each other despite our differences: it is in love and service to ourselves and one another that we connect with the powerful beauty and joy of life. God is Love; I am Love; I am God in Expression. Life is Good, and I am grateful! 



                                                                Musician: Nathan Aswell


Be inspired with Music, Meditation and inspirational Sharing.


 The Sunday service will be followed by

a virtual fellowship!