Sunday Service is online!!!


In recognition of the growing number of coronavirus cases in BC and out of an abundance of caution, we are 


until further notice.



The Sunday celebration will be livestreamed on Facebook and shared on Zoom and our website.   

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If you want to join our Sunday Service  today call Rosi 604-720-9773 or text your e-mail and you will be forwarded the e-mail with the link to Zoom!!!

 You do not need to have Zoom installed on your computer/tablet/cellphone to participate. Just click the link and follow the instructions. It will sound better if you use headphones to listen. 

If you only have a phone connection you can phone: 778-907-2071 (audio only)

We look forward to connecting with you! The Sunday service will be followed by a fellowship hour.



Unity Theme for 

April is 






        May 9th 2021

 "Your Wisdom Circle"

                                                     with Janet Law



Wisdom is a quality that comes from a value inspired life.

Circles appear everywhere in our Universe. A circle has no beginning or end and symbolizes the sacred evolution and transformation indwelling in each soul. Circles contain our cycles of growth as we feel the wisdom and spiritual energy of all participants as ONE.

Spiritual wisdom flows with our personal connection with the presence of Great Spirit. We all

arrived here through the womb of the feminine and yet it is the collective wisdom of our masculine & feminine attributes that we vibrate LIFE.

Come celebrate Mother’s Day . We stand together with this affirmation “I have the power to create my world and create my circle of caring “


Janet is a communicator & conduit in body /mind /spirit connection techniques. She is passionate about the transformative potential that dwells in each person. Her background & education is in the creative arts & transformational models of education .She are a lifelong Unity Student & Teacher and attended numerous SEE classes at Unity Village. As a consciousness teacher & leader she embraces life with vitality & resonance. Currently she works in the health care field as a practitioner. She continues to build curriculum for the many classes she teaches from everyday life experience.  Her recent creative project “Conscious Conversations “is an online forum that encourages macro conversations in our global world. She is currently enrolled a course of study with Global Leader David Whyte entitled “Conversational Leadership "  in the Age of Zoom “.  Her recent TEDX talk entitled “The Healing Power of Trees “embodies her grounded & rooted love of nature. She  continues to be a curious adventurer.





Edith Wallace