Unity of White Rock offers adult church and children's church programs on Sundays at 11:00  at the Elks Hall upstairs lounge, 1469 George St, White Rock.  Please join us for services that are inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking and light-hearted.

Service at Elks Hall September 18 2016; Pixie Hobby guest speaker
Service at Elks Hall September 18 2016; Pixie Hobby guest speaker

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Photo of Angelika Bendrich
Angelika Bendrich

Sunday October 22, 2017 11 am:  


Angelika Bendrich


""Time - wasted or invested?!"?"


Intrigued? Please join us on Sunday!  All are welcome


Musical guest Rick Delgarno



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Photo of Ken Wood
Ken Wood

Sunday September 24th , 2017 11am

Guest Speaker: Ken Wood

Guest Musician: Michael Vincent




The thing with feathers perched in your Soul.



Did you know?

Ken is an ordained chaplain working on the downtown east side for many years.

Photo of Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Sunday September 17 , 2017 11 am:  

Nathen Aswell


“Small Steps Big Life: Everything Counts”


Today, Nathen will share songs and a stories from his musical journey that bear witness to the first of Unity’s 5 Basic Principles: “God is the source and creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is good and present everywhere.” 

(Warning: Laughter may ensue!)

Find out more about Nathen and his work on his website: www.nathenaswell.com 

Janet Law
Janet Law

Sunday July 30, 2017

Janet Law:  "Roots of Empathy "


We are all here to be spiritual beings living with the human condition…

Join us this Sunday to celebrate each other and the glorious days of Summer 

"Roots of Empathy" run deep in our soul. As we reach out to others from that place we all enter into a dynamic state of healing. The Unity Movement "has its foundation in these principle. Healing comes from within... The universe is always calling us to the Healing place and with EMPATHY as your guide, the divine in you is activated fully. Come and explore the support and love of your extended spiritual family.

You will also experience a powerful MEDITATION that will take you into a deeper, wider space of compassion for yourself and others.

Join us at Unity of White Rock where we live in "the house of belonging". We build strong family lifelines that nourish and sustain deep roots .

This community of like minded individuals sees the highest potential in you where we uncover that Divine Love is our divine nature 

All Are Welcome.

Musical guest:  Meddrick

Rhona Segarra
Rhona Segarra

Sunday July 23 25, 2017, 11 am: 
Rhona Segarra. 


"Jupiter and the Bee"


Share and live or protect and stagnate: which do we choose?
Aesop's fable about Jupiter and the Bee is a reminder that our gifts are meant to be shared. When we think in terms of lack and limitation, our tendency is to protect what we have.

When we become aware that our gifts are abundant and unlimited, we discover the joy that comes from serving others.   Please join us on Sunday as we examine this intriguing and thought-provoking tale. 


Musical Guest: Desiree Stewart

Desiree Stewart
Desiree Stewart

Sunday July 16 2017, 11 am: 

Desiree Stewart


Divine Order: Reset the Mindset.

Bridging the Gap from Fear to Faith



Managing our mindset, moment by moment, is one of the single most important elements in navigating through all of life's ups and downs.

Please join us for a freeing and enlightening experience. Reset and refresh your mindset with our beautiful spiritual community. 


Guest musician: Ron Irving


Photo of Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Sunday July 9, 2017 11 am:  

Nathen Aswell


"“Summertime, and the livin’ is EASY: 3 Rs to a Happier Life"


Summer is a time when most of us step out of our routines for a little while and allow ourselves to PLAY more than we usually do.

On Sunday, Nathen will share 3 simple tools to capitalize on the energy of summer that will help us to live more fully and joyously all year round.


Photo of Angelika Bendrich
Angelika Bendrich

Sunday July 2, 2017 11 am:  


Angelika Bendrich


"Divine Guidance: if the Universe is calling you, are you listening?"


Please join us on Sunday as we explore 7 ways in which we may be blocked to hearing, and 7 ways in which we can more effectively hear God speak and receive guidance in our lives.



Rhona Segarra
Rhona Segarra

Sunday June 25, 2017, 11 am: 
Rhona Segarra. 


"The Lord's Prayer"


A fresh look at a classic prayer.
Please join us on Sunday as we explore The Lord's Prayer and how this wise and beautiful affirmative statement can add joy, life, peace and a sense of connection to our lives.  

Musical Guest: Desiree Stewart

Sunday June 18 2017, 11 am:



Jonathan Michael


Sunday June 18 2017, 11 am:  FATHER'S DAY

Jonathan Michael

Please join us on Father's Day Sunday June 18 as we welcome Jonathan Michael, inspirational life coach and mentor, as he shares his vision " to Empower Learners and Leaders to be Amazing, Inspiring and Extraordinary in their Life, Work and Relationships" 

Read more about Jonathan www.thejonathanfactor.com


Musical guest Carl Katz

Sunday June 11 2017, 11 am:


Rev. Linda Leigh Johnson

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.


Rev. Linda Leigh Johnson will speak about the non-dual field of the Kingdom of Heaven taking place within the temple which is YOU. This temple is the habitation for the Holy Spirit that is continually wanting to remove veils of illusion in order to bring comfort and joy and fulfill your highest destiny.

Linda has been teaching and holding retreats for 20 years. She has taught the 5th dimensional state of consciousness through ancient scriptures including the Essenes. 

Linda is also a Soul Recalibration Practitioner.

Denise Cunningham
Denise Cunningham

Sunday June 4 2017, 11 am:
Denise Cunningham

"Shift Happens"

Change is often unexpected and unwelcome. At the drop of a hat, a major shift can occur in our lives that makes the very ground beneath our feet feel as if it's unstable. Sometimes we feel stuck, paralyzed with fear; as if we have no control...but is that really true? How can we shift internally to balance the external shifts?

Let's explore some ideas on finding freedom in the midst of change!"

Watch Denise's Ted Talk: 





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October 22nd:

Angelika Bendrich/Rick Delgarno


October 29th: 

Nathen Aswell/Nathen Aswell


November 5:

Qi from Bodhi Meditation Centre


November 12: Ken Wood


November 19: Janet Law


November 26: Janet Law


December 3: Rhona Segarra



If you are interested in audio copies of previous services, please email or speak to Will Firstbrook. 

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