Unity of White Rock offers adult church programs on Sundays at 11:00  at the Elks Hall upstairs lounge, 1469 George St, White Rock.  Please join us for services that are inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking and light-hearted.

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Photo of Pixie Hobby
Pixie Hobby

Sunday December 17th 2017

Guest Speaker:  PIXIE HOBBY




This week is the third Sunday in Advent, that time of spiritual, emotional and physical preparation for Christmas.  Please join us on Sunday as Pixie Hobby shares ideas about the transforming power of LOVE. 


All are welcome at Unity of White Rock. 

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Photo of Rhona Segarra
Rhona Segarra

Sunday December 3rd 

Guest Speaker:  RHONA SEGARRA




This week is the first Sunday in Advent, that time of spiritual, emotional and physical preparation for Christmas.  Please join us on Sunday as we explore deeper meanings that may be found in this beloved Christmas carol.


All are welcome at Unity of White Rock. 

Photo of Janet Law
Janet Law

Sunday November 26th 

Guest Speaker:  JANET LAW




Living in the ONENESS  is your natural state of being.. Whole, Complete and Perfect. This state allows you to cruise through life by "Living in the Flow of Life." The wise and deep awareness that PROSPERITY is that place of Abundance that is alive and well in your life. 

We will explore the  empowerment of "Living in the Flow of Life" The journey into the  consciousness of wealth begins with the realization that you are already there.

Living from this Overflow means you are the individualized expression of the Divine and you are designed to PROSPER. It is your Divine inheritance.


Come join us and expand fully YOUR PROSPERITY CODE by "Living in the Flow of Life".  You are a co-creator and God and you are creating the masterpiece called YOUR LIFE.


You are all invited to be part of our Spiritual community at Unity of White Rock and we are all blessed.

Photo of Janet Law
Janet Law

Sunday November 19th 

Guest Speaker:  JANET LAW




We are all here as spiritual beings living with human conditions. How do we transform our lives on a daily basis? JOIN us this Sunday to celebrate each other and the glorious days of the HARVEST SEASON as we prepare for the HOLIDAY SEASON 

Our authentic self runs deep in our soul.  As we reach deeper we access our healing place and then we  transform. We are opened fully to peace and we enter into a dynamic state of healing. The Unity Movement has its foundation in the principle of "Healing comes from within." The universe is always calling us to THE HEALING PLACE within us, as we allow our Divinity to be activated fully. 


An empowering meditation is part of our time together. Meditation will take us into a deeper, wider space of compassion for ourselves and others.

Join us at Unity of White Rock, a community of like minded individuals where your highest potential is seen and honoured. Come and explore the support and love of your extended spiritual family


All Are Welcome.

Photo of Ken Wood
Ken Wood

Sunday November 12, 2017 11am

Guest Speaker: Ken Wood

Guest Musician: Michael Vincent







Did you know?

Ken is an ordained chaplain working on the downtown east side for many years.

Photo of Master JinBodhi
Master JinBodhi

11 am Sunday November 5: 

SPECIAL EVENT:   Bodhi Meditation.


One of Unity's principles is prayer and meditation.

On Sunday, Bodhi representative Arlene Kroeker will lead us in a 23 minute Bodhi Meditation experience. 


"According to meditative tradition, the mind has the ability to broaden and to heal, correcting physical and mental illness. Bodhi Meditation is independent of any religious system or practice."  bodhimeditationvan.org/

Please join us on Sunday. All are welcome.


Musical guest: Susanne Tryphena

Photo of Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Sunday October 29, 2017 11 am:  

Nathen Aswell


Title: Leadership: that thing you do... (and are!)

On Sunday, Nathen will share songs and stories from his musical journey that bear witness to the topic of leadership and the power of walking our talk.  


Nathen Aswell (NathenAswell.com) is a gifted speaker, recording artist, coach and podcaster based right here in White Rock, and he believes that his calling in this life is to encourage through his engaging talks, his heart-centered music-making and his warm listening. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles.


Nathen honours his calling by speaking and performing internationally at Conferences, Concerts, Retreats and Churches, presenting his music, stories and humour with his voice and the NS Stick (an 8-stringed electronic instrument that can be plucked like a bass, strummed like a guitar, or tapped with both hands like a piano). 

He also honours his calling by coaching and by hosting his own internet radio show (https://selfdiscoveryradio.com/about-us/nathen-aswell/).website: www.nathenaswell.com 

Photo of Angelika Bendrich
Angelika Bendrich

Sunday October 22, 2017 11 am:  


Angelika Bendrich


""Time - wasted or invested?!"?"


Intrigued? Please join us on Sunday!  All are welcome


Musical guest Rick Delgarno



Photo of Ken Wood
Ken Wood

Sunday September 24th , 2017 11am

Guest Speaker: Ken Wood

Guest Musician: Michael Vincent




The thing with feathers perched in your Soul.



Did you know?

Ken is an ordained chaplain working on the downtown east side for many years.

Photo of Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Sunday September 17 , 2017 11 am:  

Nathen Aswell


“Small Steps Big Life: Everything Counts”


Today, Nathen will share songs and a stories from his musical journey that bear witness to the first of Unity’s 5 Basic Principles: “God is the source and creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is good and present everywhere.” 

(Warning: Laughter may ensue!)

Find out more about Nathen and his work on his website: www.nathenaswell.com 





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Dec 17: Pixie Hobby


Dec 24: Rhona Segarra


Dec 31: Janet Law


Jan 7: Janet Law


Jan 14: Nathen Aswell


If you are interested in audio copies of previous services, please email or speak to Will Firstbrook. 

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