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2022 Theme:

"Embrace Your Unlimited Good"

Sunday May 3rd 2022

Join us at 11 am live on zoom


"Are You Being Hard on Yourself ?"



Our theme for May is “change gracefully.” Now wouldn’t that be wonderful – to handle life’s “ups and downs” with greater equanimity and peace?

So why don’t we? Perhaps part of the reason lies here: Most of us tend to be hard on ourselves. And in doing so, we often block the ‘grace’ that would allow us to change more easily.

So why don’t we? Perhaps part of the reason lies here: Most of us tend to be hard on ourselves. And in doing so, we often block the ‘grace’ that would allow us to change more easily.


Join us this Sunday, if you’d like to know ‘you are not the only one.’ And to explore how we can be more gentle on ourselves, and one another, on this often difficult journey we call Life.


Eric Hellman doesn’t see himself as a risk taker. Yet following his “inner wisdom” has led him to start new relationships and businesses. Initiate international projects, and move across Canada three times. Speak up in difficult circumstances, and allow himself to be vulnerable in public. For Eric, stepping out in faith begins with ‘stepping in’:  listening to the ‘voice of Go(o)d’  within, and Knowing what is our to do.



Nathen Aswell



 Bio: Nathen Aswell is a recording artist and speaker based in Vancouver, Canada, and he believes that his calling in this life is to encourage people to live Big Lives one Small Step at a time through his heart-centered music-making, his engaging talks and his warm listening. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles.
Nathen honours his calling by performing and speaking internationally at Conferences, Concerts, Retreats and Churches, presenting his music, stories and humour with his voice and the Chapman Stick ( Wanting to best serve during this pandemic, he now offers “Morning Musings (with Music and Meditation)” every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM Pacific (via Facebook Live).

Sunday May 8th 2022

Join us at 11 am live on zoom


"Beauty in the Be Attitudes"

with Janet Law
Beauty is a quality that comes from a value inspired life. When we behold  our true nature, alignment & balance are magnified. Our Universe can then be seen through a divine lens. We can then  focus on what is rather than what if.  All matters of the  human condition  begin to appear in an enlightened way and transformation  occurs. The Universe we call OUR LIFE  has no beginning or end and symbolizes the sacred evolution of BEINGNESS.
The  daily practice of the BE ATTITUDES allow the cycle of  soul growth to expand
We all arrived through the womb of the divine and  the collective wisdom of our masculine & feminine attributes vibrate "The Be Attitudes“

Come Celebrate Mother’s Day 

Lets’s stand together with this affirmation: “I have the power to create my world and create my circle of caring & BEING“


Janet is a communicator & conduit in body /mind /spirit connection techniques. She is passionate about the transformative potential that dwells in each person. Her background & education is in the creative arts & transformational models of education .She are a lifelong Unity Student & Teacher and attended numerous SEE classes at Unity Village. As a consciousness teacher & leader she embraces life with vitality & resonance. Currently she works in the health care field as a practitioner. She continues to build curriculum for the many classes she teaches from everyday life experience.  Her recent creative project “Conscious Conversations “is an online forum that encourages macro conversations in our global world. She is currently enrolled a course of study with Global Leader David Whyte entitled “Conversational Leadership “…. in the Age of Zoom “.  Her recent TEDX talk entitled “The Healing Power of Trees “embodies her grounded & rooted love of nature .She  continues to be a curious adventurer.


Edith Wallace

Sunday May 15th 2022

Join us at 11 am live on zoom


with Pixie Hobby 


"Creating A Life-Sustaining Society"?


"Eco-anxiety is showing up in our lives causing emotional turbulence and existential dread, especially in young folks planning to start a family.
 While anxiety can be constructive, if we aren't supported in processing it, this can lead to paralysis and immobilization.
By honouring our feelings and emotions and engaging in activism that forges meaningful community support, we can develop emotional resilience and create the change we are longing for."


                       Lawrence Kirby

Sunday May 22nd 2022

Join us at 11 am live on zoom




"Exploring Sacred Spaces"

with Angelika Bendrich


"What do you think of as sacred space? What image or feeling comes to mind?
Where do you feel drawn to feel the beauty, and wonder of sacred splendor?
For some of us it maybe in a Church, a Cathedral or a place in Nature!

This Sunday we will explore sacred spaces around us- above, below and inside of us.


Bio: Angelika is a student of the Principles of Unity and an active member of Unity of White Rock. She is a talented public speaker and educator with over 35 years experience.  As spiritual counsellor and Reiki master since 1995, she has been privileged to assist people of various ages and backgrounds to reconnect with their purpose and find peace and joy in life again. She finds it a true privilege to speak at Unity in sharing our spiritual journey.




Nelson Beavington

Sunday May 29th 2022

Join us at 11 am live on zoom


with Rosi McLaren 


Rosi is a long-time active member of Unity of White Rock. She is part of the Spiritual Leadership team and a long-time board member. Rosi finds great joy, growth and reward in service to our spiritual community. She has raised four wonderful boys and the teachings of Unity have been a great help through all her lives challenges. Rosie was born and raised in Germany. While traveling in Thailand she met a Canadian turned up being the love of her life.


Delaney Rose