Our Mission:  To be a loving, inclusive community co-creating with Spirit to transform lives.

PREAMBLE:   WHY is submitting your Annual Membership Document important?  Unity of the Valley d.b.a. "Unity of White Rock" is a BC-registered charity and we're REQUIRED to keep records of membership.  Only members are allowed to vote at Annual General Meetings (AGM's) & Special Meetings, or hold offices (eg Board Trustee).  So PLEASE fill out your annual membership form today!   Thank you.


TERMS:   By signing this application, in accord with Article IV Section 1 of the bylaws, I confirm my commitment to endeavour to live in accord with the UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES of LOVE and TRUTH as taught by Unity and to further the work of this ministry through active interest, love and support.   CLICK HERE for the FULL legal text of membership bylaws.


PRIVACY:  Your personal data is gathered to enable Unity of White Rock to communicate with you and not to be used or disclosed for purposes other than for which it is collected or required by law. Unity uses this information to provide year-end tax receipts, Annual General Meeting information packets and to keep you informed on what is happening here at Unity. Your information is stored with limited access by authorized members of the Board and the Finance Team. Here at Unity, we strive to keep your information confidential and no contact lists are given nor sold to any organization for any purpose whatsoever. 


By signing this application you certify that the information provided is true and you have agreed to provide this information to enable Unity of White Rock to communicate with you regarding services related to Unity.  You agree that this is an official document communicated solely in ELECTRONIC FORMAT and that by entering your name & clicking SEND, you are thereby executing & submitting this document. 


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