Speaker Biography: Angelika Bendrich

Angelika Bendrich is a German Canadian, an energy healer, sacred group/retreat facilitator, and an inspirational speaker.

Her career in health and education now spans over three decades and her journey through a life threatening illness gave her a renewed perspective on living that she incorporates into her work. 

Angelika is a Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, an honours graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto.


She is the founder of Fundamentals of Life Services in Surrey BC and as Reiki Master/Teacher the owner and founder of REIKIWORKS focusing on stress reduction and management..


Her passion for helping people find their voice and speak from their heart has her involved in the Toastmasters program since 2013. She is now a DTM ( distinguished Toastmaster) and the co founder of Spontaneous Speakers TM in White Rock.


She also teaches the “Psychology of Disease” at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to international mature students in Vancouver. Her personal life experience guides her passion on teaching about the connection between body, mind and emotion and how to return to an optimum state of health and wellness.