Speaker Biography: Desiree Stevens

Désirée was born and raised in Unity and has been a member of Unity of White Rock since 2002. Formerly a Regional officer with the “Northwest Youth of Unity” and later served in the Youth and Family Ministry at this church for 9 years.


 She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, her love and enthusiasm for singing and dancing is both inspiring and playful!


“I grew up in Unity and have very much enjoyed being a part of this beautiful spiritual community. Unity has taught me to look within for answers to life’s challenges. There are always lessons to be learned in every situation and my willingness to look to the Truth of what I am responsible for always brings me a depth of greater enlightenment.  Understanding that God is my source and God is within me and tapping into that source for guidance through prayer and meditation, learning to have faith and trust my Divine Nature and lighten up brings me freedom and a Zest for life”!