Speaker Biography: Rhona Segarra

Rhona Segarra

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and my family moved to Canada in 1977. I am blessed with a wonderful family: a brilliant son David, a wonderful husband Walt, and amazing parents, brothers and sisters.

I enjoy learning more about universal Spiritual principles, the message of unconditional love that Jesus taught and the metaphorical and metaphysical insights that we may learn from scripture. 

It is a privilege to speak at Unity and share thoughts which will add to the joy and peace of our lives and the lives of those around us. I believe that our life’s work is to connect with the energy we call God and live in awareness that we are expressions of God. We create our life experiences with the power of our thoughts. Let us manage this power well and choose to love ourselves despite our “flaws”, and love each other despite our differences: it is in love and service to ourselves and one another that we honour the precious beauty and joy of life. God is Love; I am Love; I am God in Expression. Life is Good, and I am grateful!